The danced resistance


The global crisis challenges us humans.
We are currently experiencing frustration in many areas: pandemic, war, scarcity of resources, climate crisis...
The public mood is fluctuating. Some feel fear and uncertainty, some become passive, others react aggressively. Prescribed rules and prohibitions create a feeling of restricted freedom and lead to RESISTANCE, to REACTANCE

February 24 & 25, 2023 / Zeughaus Kultur Brig

The dance performance reakTanz takes up the theme of resistance. Scenarios are presented in dance from different points of view, posing the question of constructive and destructive resistance. The interplay of dance, music, text and image takes the audience on a journey through the theme of reactance - multi-layered, self-critical, humorous and provocative.


Silvia Fiedler, Rhea Manz, Judith Bärenfaller, Chiara Schnidrig, Alicia Lopez, Melanie Ammann


Alicia Serrano, Alicia Lopez, Anette Burgdorf, Angelina Curto, Anina Sterren, Caroline Imesch, Chiara Lauwiner, Chiara Schnidrig, Christine Fux, Daniela Bettler, Davina Imboden, Ellen Zehnder, Elsbeth Ruppen, Emilia Henzen, Iris Ksyk, Joana Martins, Joana Schaller, Katharina Jelk, Lana Pfammatter, Lara Albrecht, Lara Fux, Linda Wellig, Marion Locher, Myriam Eyer, Nadja Bregy, Natascha Sereinig, Noemi Schwestermann, Noora Luoma, Rhea Manz, Roberta Munoz, Silvia Fiedler, Victoria Mohr