Organic Dance

every Tuesday

The aim of the course is to experience the diversity of movements, stories and emotions in dance. Using structured improvisations, we discover the range of movement qualities that lie within us. Music, space and group dynamics are just some of the supporting and inspiring elements we play with. We overcome classical evaluation schemes and do not ask about right or wrong. On the other hand, we expand our dance knowledge in an organic way by starting with simple movements such as walking and progressing to complex dance movements through specific instructions. The feeling of moving authentically and with a lot of joy becomes more and more apparent.
This course is open to all dance enthusiasts and is as colorful as the people in it.

Course leader Melanie Ammann
Course times Tuesday 17:45 - 18:45
Cost Fr. 305.- per person for 15 x 60 minutes (semester)
  Fr. 590.- per person for 30 x 60 minutes (annual subscription)


Melanie Ammann

Melanie Ammann began her dance career at the Cantonal Conservatory of Music...