Tango Argentino

Ateliers on Sunday / from Jan 2024

January 28
February 18
March 10
April 21
May 26
June 09


Complex figures to rhythmic and sometimes melancholy music, danced in a close couple pose, make this dance from Argentina particularly exciting. The dancers improvise and create a dance together through dance communication.
Tango Argentino has developed enormously in its more than one hundred years of history and is experiencing a huge boom all over the world.
The basic elements, the musicality and the dance communication of leading and following are learned and danced in the workshops. So nothing stands in the way of easy and joyful dancing.

Course leader Camille Yannantuono & Valentino Sorpresi
Course times Sundays 11:00 - 12:30 / for couples with previous knowledge / basic course also possible
Course fee Fr. 180.- per person for 6 x 90 min