Frequently asked questions

How does the Sportsnow app work?



By installing the #Sportsnow app, subscriptions and courses can be easily booked, canceled and compensated.
Download it once and log in - and stay informed at all times.

How long is a subscription valid for?

All subscriptions are valid for one season and expire at the end of the current dance year.

What happens if a course is canceled?

Canceled courses due to illness or other reasons will be canceled via #Sportsnow and can be made up during the current season (no refund).
Ateliers are booked in blocks.

When do the courses have to be paid for?

All courses are paid for at the beginning of the respective course unit.

Are there any benefits?

Course participants with a current subscription receive discounts on further bookings.

When does the 1st & 2nd semester begin and end?

  • 1st semester August 28, 23 - December 22, 23
  • 2nd semester January 08, 24 - June 31, 24

What does the vacation schedule look like?

The vacations/holidays largely correspond to the school schedule of the schools in Brig. No courses take place during this time.

Sports vacation 26.02.24 - 08.03.24
Easter 29.03.24 - 01.04.24
May vacation 06.05.24 - 13.05.24