Antonia Cugliandro Hüttner

Antonia first came into contact with yoga while studying design in Hamburg. Shortly afterwards, she took part in an Iyengar Yoga course with Irene Goerke and has been hooked on this precise form of Hatha Yoga ever since.

In 2008 she did an internship in Los Angeles. There she regularly attended classes with Paul Cabanis, Chris Stein and Marla Abt and took part in several workshops with Manouso Manos. It was there that her desire for a deeper understanding of yoga practice finally began to grow. In 2013, she began her Iyengar Yoga Level 1 teacher training at Iyengar Yoga Hamburg under the guidance of Christo Ivanchev.

Since 2017, she has been living back in Switzerland with her family and regularly takes part in further training with Billy Konrad and at the Yoga Institute with Dr. Kerstin Khattab, where she assists in the yoga therapy classes.

Her teaching style is precise, challenging and humorous. Her wish is for participants to be mindful of themselves in order to explore their own inner and outer boundaries more and more.