Artichoc dance studio

The meeting place for dance and movement in the Upper Valais

We are motivated by the joy of movement, of discovery, of trying things out and expressing ourselves. Dance is devotion, is poetry, is passion, is searching and finding.



New courses starting from March 2024


Thu, March 14 / 17h Inclusive dance theater
Thu, March 14 / 19:30h Contemporary Dance / Level 1-2
Fri, March 22 / from 18h Latin Dance / Salsa/ Cuban Latin Mx


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Course offers

From dance courses and studios to Body & Mind

Dance classes

Danced joy: a variety of dance courses

Our courses are aimed at dancers of all styles. Experience dance and its diverse culture in all its facets and possibilities, whether as a newcomer or a professional, as a child, teenager or adult, as a man or woman, in a group or as a solo dancer.

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From the idea to the performance

In our studios, you will gain an insight into a wide variety of dance styles without having to commit to an entire season.
The aim is to get to know the respective technique with examples of exercises and impulses to try out - possibly all the way to a finished choreography.

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Body & Mind

Harmony of body and mind

In our exercise and health courses, you will gain a solid technique, increased body awareness and expressiveness, better posture, greater flexibility and therefore a better attitude towards life

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Our team

Highly qualified and highly motivated

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OFT dance

Upper Valais promotion of the dance arts

Four dance schools from the Upper Valais are joining forces to create a pre-professional dance training program in collaboration with the...


Frequently asked questions

Good to know

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Are there any benefits?

Course participants with a current subscription receive discounts on further bookings.

How does the Sportsnow app work?

By installing the #Sportsnow app, subscriptions and courses can be easily booked, canceled and compensated. Download it once and log in - and stay informed at all times.

How long is a subscription valid for?

All subscriptions are valid for one season and expire at the end of the current dance year.

What does the vacation schedule look like?

Sports vacation 26.02.24 - 08.03.24 Easter 29.03.24 - 01.04.24 May vacation 06.05.24 - 13.05.24  

What happens if a course is canceled?

Canceled courses due to illness or other reasons will be canceled via #Sportsnow and can be made up during the current season (no refund). Ateliers are booked in blocks.

When do the courses have to be paid for?

All courses are paid for at the beginning of the respective course unit.

When does the 1st & 2nd semester begin and end?

1st semester August 28, 23 - December 22, 23 2nd semester January 08, 24 - June 31, 24